Yellow Sapphire


Yellow Sapphire is a profoundly valuable, yellow hued gemstone of the Corundum mineral family. It is one of the most perceived gemstones in vedic crystal gazing worn for expert achievement, conjugal euphoria, improved determination and sound descendants.

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Who should wear Yellow Sapphire?

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj in Hindi) is related with Jupiter, the most dominant planet in Indian crystal gazing. Prior to wearing this gemstone, guarantee that Jupiter is positively put in local’s introduction to the world outline.

Indian crystal gazing endorses Pukhraj gemstone for Dhanu (Sagittarius) and Meen (Pisces) Rashi.

Western crystal gazing prescribes Yellow Sapphire birthstone for Sagittarius.

Yellow Sapphire gemstone can likewise be worn by Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio.

Yellow Sapphire Benefits

All inclusive prophetic ubiquity of this valuable yellow gemstone has given it numerous names world over. Pukhraj stone (referred to in English as Yellow Sapphire), is additionally tended to as Guru Ratan, Pushkaraj and Pushparagam, Kanaka Pushyaragam and Peetamani in Sanskrit.

Accomplishment in business, occupations and scholastics – Since Jupiter rules learning and riches, Pukhraj ratan is trusted to reestablish fortunes in organizations or employments where incredible arrangement of insight, imagination or common sense is required like legal administrations, scholastics and exchange organizations.

Improved Financial and Social Status – Astrologers place high trust in it for acquiring monetary strength local’s life. Improved self control and shrewdness prompting ascend in budgetary and materialistic riches, is one of the constructive outcomes of yellow sapphire.

Wellbeing Rejuvenation – Wearing a yellow sapphire ring advantages individuals by improving their stomach related wellbeing just as forestalling diseases identifying with Liver and Kidneys. It is additionally proposed to be worn when managing sicknesses like Jaundice and Tuberculosis.

Conjugal and Progeny Bliss – Pandits unequivocally advocate Pukhraj for ladies looking for wedding agreement or are confronting delays in marriage. As Jupiter likewise controls offspring, it is worn by childless couples for revigorated richness.

Elective Healing – In substitute mending treatments, Jupiter is known to drive or govern Will Chakra in an individual’s body. Wearing this gemstone actuates Solar Plexus and improves self control and center, helping individuals to observe their vision and emerge objectives.

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