Ruby or Manik is a characteristic, profound pink or dark red hued, valuable gemstone of the Corundum family. Vedic soothsaying prescribes rubies to be worn for progress and development in organizations, employments, societal position, specialist and fearlessness.

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Who should wear Ruby Gemstone?

Relationship with Sun makes ruby as the Rajratna or ‘Lord of Gems’. Contingent upon the situation of Sun in an individual’s horoscope, wearing ruby gemstone can positively improve vocation, wellbeing, demeanor and economic wellbeing of locals and related ascendants. Ruby pearls can be worn as referenced underneath.

Indian or vedic crystal gazing allocates ruby diamond or Manikya gemstone for Leo rashi.

Western crystal gazing prescribes ruby birthstone for Leo sunsign.

Ascendants of Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces can likewise sport ruby.

Ruby Gemstone Benefits

Expert and Academic Success–Ruled by the ground-breaking Sun, ruby stone advantages individuals working in callings or positions where specialist is instructed for example authoritative administrations, legislative issues, tact and other influential positions. It is likewise encouraged to be worn by understudies getting ready for state or focal administrations assessments.

Improved Financial and Social Status–One of the many acclaimed prophetic advantages of wearing ruby is the improved economic wellbeing of local’s life. Celestial prophets accept that Manik stone advantages the wearer by hoisting his money related condition as well as in keeping up his supreme and rich way of life also.

Revived Health–Sun is viewed as the karaka of bones, eyes and heart. Reestablished imperativeness, improved blood flow and vision are a portion of the medical advantages of Manikya gemstone. Likewise, ruby gemstone is additionally gainful for individuals battling with confidence issues. Ruby decidedly influences self-assurance by reorienting passionate insight of the wearer.

Better Paternal Relationships–Since Sun is recognized as the dad figure in vedic crystal gazing, it is known to hold up under some effect on fatherly connections. It is accepted that Manik ratan is additionally useful for the local’s dad and along these lines can be worn to improve his debilitated conditions also.



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